Who is this course for?

Dental Sedation Nursing

This course is for dental nurses looking to complete the NEBDN Dental Sedation Nursing Certificate Course and is unique in that you Complete Everything ONLINE and IN YOUR OWN SURGERY including the final examination. No days off work and no giving up your saturdays and sundays . This is the gold standard in sedation training for dental nurses. Dental Sedation is an interesting part of dentistry but requires an understanding of topics outside of those taught on the dental nursing diploma course in the interest of patient and staff safety and once you complete this course you will be at the top of your game. PLEASE NOTE - this course is online based and in English so you will need to speak good English and be reasonably computer literate. Like most postgraduate learning this course is self directed learning meaning that whilst we provide the course content and support, it is upto you to learn it and take it in in order to pass the final examination. The record of competence requires commitment and the exam requires revision in order to pass so this course should not be taken lightly (download the course info at the bottom of the page for more info)

What to expect?

Dental Sedation Nursing

  • Fully NEBDN accredited theory training in IV/RA and Oral Sedation techniques by way of online videos, demos, lectures, quizzes and downloads - ONLINE

  • Course handbook and Record OF Competence, Recommended textbook and free USB Stick of downloadable policies to set up your own practice sedation folder

  • Supervision and completion of directly observed clinical practice

  • Support and guidance on completion of reflective case studies

  • Support and guidance on completion of required competencies

  • Preparation and support for the final examination including mock examinations

  • Certificate of course completion and Examination entry as set by NEBDN

  • Much Much more...

Course curriculum

Browse the curriculum and download the record of competence here

  • 01

    Introduction to the course and training requirements

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  • 02

    Physiology 1 - Cardiovascular

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    • Cardiovascular Physiology

    • Cardiovascular Physiology

    • Cardiovascular quiz

  • 03

    Physiology 2 - Respiratory

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    • Respiratory Physiology

    • Respiratory Physiology

    • Respiratory quiz

  • 04

    Anxiety and Behaviour management

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    • Anxiety and Behaviour management

    • Fear, anxiety and behavioural management

    • Fear and Anxiety

  • 05

    History of Intravenous sedation in dentistry

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    • History of Sedation

    • The History of Intravenous Sedation

    • History of sedation

  • 06

    Pharmacology - IV

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    • Pharmacology of drugs for Intravenous sedation

    • Pharmacology

    • Pharmacology - IV sedation quiz

  • 07

    Patient assessment

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    • Patient Assessment

    • Patient assessment quiz

  • 08

    Intravenous sedation introduction

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    • Introduction to Intravenous sedation technique

    • Intro to Iv sedation in practice

  • 09

    Cannulation and Administration

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    • Cannulation and Administration of Midazolam

    • Cannulation/Administration

  • 10

    Monitoring and recording for IV sedation

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    • Monitoring and Recording

    • Monitoring and Recording

    • Taking Blood Pressure


    • Course Evaluation 1

  • 11

    Inhalation Sedation / RA

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    • Inhalation Sedation

    • Inhalation sedation Intro and Procedure

    • RA quiz 1

    • Inhalation Sedation Equipment and Scavenging

    • Inhalation Sedation Machine - Safety Checks

    • Inhalation Sedation quiz 2

    • Pharmacology - inhalation sedation

    • Inhalation Sedation quiz 3

    • Inhalation Sedation Continued....

    • Scavenging - In a little more detail:

    • Available Flowmeters and Stands

    • Servicing Requirements for Inhalation Sedation Equipment

    • Scavenging

    • Digital and Manual Piped/standalone Checklists

    • Manuals and User instructions for flowmeters and breathing/scavenging systems

    • Inhalation evaluation

  • 12

    Complications and Emergencies

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    • Complications and Emergencies

    • Complications and Emergencies

  • 13

    ILS and Medical Emergencies

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    • Medical Emergencies and ILS

    • Immediate Life Support ILS

    • Medical Emergencies

    • Medical Emergency quiz

  • 14

    Medico-legal and Ethics

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    • Medico-legal matters

    • Medico legal/Ethics quiz

  • 15


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    • Expanded Case Studies

  • 16

    Additional Resources for Download

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    • Additional resources for download

    • PDP Template and PDP examples

    • Other Spare Sheets

  • 17

    Final Submissions and Examination

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    • Preparing for the final examination and submissions




    • Final Course Evaluation

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