Training Guidelines

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland

In case you are a little unsure as to which guidelines you should be following whether you are in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland we have summarised the answer here: The Intercollegiate Advisory Committee for Sedation in Dentistry (IACSD) guidelines came out in April 2015 (UPDATED 2020) with the aim of creating a UK-wide guideline document for conscious sedation in dentistry; this was soon implemented by NHS England and underwent a review process by the Chief Dental officers and assigned bodies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. (It could not be implemented simultaneously in all countries of the UK as a result of the devolved nature of the health service) In Scotland the The Scottish Dental Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP) 2017 sedation guidelines are followed which reflect the IACSD guidelines in almost all aspects and in terms of training guidelines refer directly to the IACSD document. In Wales the IACSD guidelines alongside the SDCEP 2017 guidelines are also followed and training guidelines refer directly to the IACSD document again. In Northern Ireland as of November 2022 they follow the SDCEP guidelines as above.

Sedation Mentoring Options

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