Who is this course for?

Beginner Nurse IV Sedation

This Course covers the mandatory accredited training for dental nurses/2nd appropriate person assisting in IV sedation. This is not the NEBDN dental sedation nursing qualification but runs in parallel to our beginner dentist IV sedation course. As of April 2015 all dental nurses new to sedation must complete an IACSD accredited course (like this one) including both the theory and mentored practical aspects.

What to expect?

Beginner Nurse - IV sedation

  • Fully IACSD accredited theory training in Intravenous Sedation by way of online videos, demos, lectures, quizzes and downloads

  • Completion of Reflective study and logbook of 20 supervised cases

  • Overseeing mentor accreditation, mentor should have completed our IV sedation course for new starters or equivalent course as a minimum

  • Support and guidance on completion of reflective case studies and competency assessments

  • Online support, Full Complement of Resources USB and access for 12 months

  • Certificate of course completion after final online multiple choice examination

Course curriculum

Browse the curriculum and download the record of competence here

  • 01

    Introduction to the course and training requirements

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  • 02


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  • 03

    Physiology 1 - Cardiovascular

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    • Cardiovascular Physiology

    • Cardiovascular Physiology

    • Cardiovascular quiz

  • 04

    Physiology 2 - Respiratory

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    • Respiratory Physiology

    • Respiratory Physiology

    • Respiratory quiz

  • 05

    Anxiety and Behaviour management

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    • Anxiety and Behaviour management

    • Fear, anxiety and behavioural management

    • Fear and Anxiety

  • 06

    History of Intravenous sedation in dentistry

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    • History of Sedation

    • The History of Intravenous Sedation

    • History of sedation

  • 07


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    • Pharmacology of drugs for IV sedation

    • Pharmacology

    • Pharmacology - IV sedation quiz

  • 08

    Patient assessment

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    • Patient Assessment

    • Patient assessment quiz

  • 09

    Intravenous sedation introduction

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    • Introduction to Intravenous sedation technique

    • Intro to Iv sedation in practice

  • 10

    Cannulation and Administration

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    • Cannulation and Administration of Midazolam

    • Cannulation/Administration

  • 11

    Monitoring and recording for IV sedation

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  • 12

    Complications and Emergencies

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    • Complications and Emergencies

    • Complications and Emergencies

  • 13

    Medical Emergencies

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    • Intro to Medical Emergencies

    • Medical Emergencies

    • Medical Emergency quiz

    • Immediate Life Support - ILS

  • 14

    Medico-legal and Ethics

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    • Medico-legal matters

    • Medico legal/Ethics quiz

  • 15

    Supervised Practical cases and logbook

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    • Observed Clinical Practice and Practice assessment

    • SSPS practice assessment



    • SPARE DOPS sheets if needed

    • SPARE logbook if needed

  • 16

    Case Study

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    • Case Study x 1

    • Submit your case study here

  • 17

    A final note

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    • A final note

  • 18

    Additional Resources for Download

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    • All Downloadable resources in one place

    • PDP Template and PDP examples

  • 19

    Bonus Inhalation Sedation

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3 Steps to Completion

  • Apply for your mentor/supervisor to be approved; contact us if you need help with this; Complete all online theory and skills training (12 hours vCPD)

  • Complete 20 Mentored cases (all mentors must be accredited by the Royal College Of Surgeons - we will send you the relevant forms and sort this out for you

  • Final Assessments, online MCQs and IACSD accredited certification In Dental Nursing Intravenous Sedation

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