Who is this course for?

Complete Conscious Sedation

This Course is for dentists and dental nurses new to Conscious Sedation or those requiring a fully accredited conscious sedation course. It is now mandatory for all practitioners new to conscious sedation to undertake an IACSD accredited course followed by a period of mentored cases to gain certification. This course is fully IACSD accredited and covers all your requirements to lead to independent practice for new sedation practitioners in both Inhalation and intravenous sedation. You can also achieve all of your mentored cases at our new Sedation Mentor Centre; all patients provided if needed for an additional set fee

What do you get?

Complete conscious sedation

  • Fully IACSD accredited and GDC recognised training in Intravenous and inhalation conscious sedation (and Oral sedation) by way of online videos, demos, lectures, quizzes and downloads

  • Accreditation of your chosen experienced mentor or provision of an experienced mentor as part of the DSC assessed mentor scheme ; extra fees will apply for using our mentors

  • 24 hours vCPD for the online training plus a potential 7 hours vCPD per day for the mentoring aspect.

  • Half price access and certification for one dental nurse for every dentist or DCP signing up to the course

  • Branded resources USB, Sedation folder and recommended textbook included

  • Full support and guidance on logbook completion, competency completion and case studies as well as daily support from sedation diploma practitioners throughout

  • Accredited Independent IV, Inhalation and Oral sedation provider Certification

  • Access to all resources for 12 months and full support throughout

  • Electronic blood pressure monitor and £25 amazon voucher for all referrals

Course curriculum

See the course intro video above and browse the syllabus here

  • 01

    Introduction to the course and training requirements

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  • 02

    Conscious Sedation Definition

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  • 03

    Physiology 1 - Cardiovascular

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    • Cardiovascular Physiology

    • Cardiovascular Physiology

    • Cardiovascular quiz

  • 04

    Physiology 2 - Respiratory

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    • Respiratory Physiology

    • Respiratory Physiology

    • Respiratory quiz

  • 05

    Anxiety and Behaviour management

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    • Fear, Anxiety and Behavioural management

    • Fear, anxiety and behavioural management

    • Fear and Anxiety

  • 06

    History of Intravenous sedation in dentistry

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    • History of Sedation

    • The History of Sedation

    • History of sedation

  • 07

    Pharmacology IV

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    • Pharmacology 1 - IV Sedation

    • Pharmacology

    • Pharmacology

  • 08

    Patient assessment

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    • Patient Assessment

    • Patient Assessment

    • Patient assessment quiz

  • 09

    Intravenous sedation intro

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    • Introduction to Intravenous sedation

    • Intro to intravenous sedation in practice

  • 10

    Cannulation and Administration

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    • Cannulation and Administration of Midazolam

    • Cannulation/Administration

    • Cannulation video zoomed in

  • 11

    Monitoring and recording

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  • 12

    Storage And Disposal of Controlled Drugs

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    • Overview and NHS documentation

  • 13

    Complications and Emergencies

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    • Complications and Emergencies

    • Complications and Emergencies

    • Complications and Emergencies

  • 14

    Inhalation Sedation (RA)

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    • Inhalation Sedation Intro

    • Inhalation sedation Introduction and Procedure

    • Inhalation sedation procedure quiz

    • Inhalation Sedation equipment and scavenging

    • Inhalation Sedation Machine - Safety Checks

    • Inhalation Sedation Equipment quiz

    • Inhalation Sedation - Pharmacology

    • Inhalation Sedation Pharmacology quiz

    • Scavenging - In a little more detail:

    • Available Flowmeters and Stands

    • Servicing Requirements for Inhalation Sedation Equipment

    • Scavenging

  • 15

    Inhalation Sedation 2

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    • Inhalation Sedation and Specific Medical Needs

    • Inhalation Sedation Health and Safety

    • Inhalation Sedation Health and Safety

    • Use and Management of Gas Cylinders

    • Use and Management of Gas cylinders

    • Digital and Manual Piped/standalone Checklists

    • RA Medical Reference brochures

    • Manuals and User instructions for flowmeters and breathing/scavenging systems

  • 16

    Medical Emergencies and ILS

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    • Intro to Medical Emergencies

    • ILS Immediate Life Support

    • Medical Emergencies

    • Medical Emergency quiz

  • 17

    Medico-legal and Ethics

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    • Medico-legal matters

    • Medico legal/Ethics quiz

  • 18

    Incorporating Conscious sedation into general dental practice

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    • Fees and Recovery - IV SEDATION

    • Fees and Recovery - INHALATION SEDATION

    • What you do next...

    • SSPS practice assessment

    • Directly observed clinical practice sheets

    • Logbook

  • 19

    Mentored Clinical training

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    • Mentored Clinical Training


  • 20

    Case studies

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    • Case studies

    • Case Studies Submission

  • 21

    Additional Resources for Download

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    • All Downloadable resources

    • PDP template and PDP examples

  • 22

    A few final thoughts

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    • A few final thoughts

  • 23


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    • Course Feedback

4 Steps to independent practice

as easy as 1,2,3.....4

  • Enrol and complete the accredited online didactic learning, online tasks, MCQs and practice assessment (24 hours verifiable CPD), you will receive your sedation pack in the post including your recommended textbook and USB

  • Complete and document 20 mentored IV cases/ 10 mentored Inhalation sedation cases either at our specialist sedation centre or in your practice; These will be supervised by an IACSD accredited mentor at our sedation centre, by one of our mentors at your practice or by one of your choosing; NB if using our centre or one of our mentors additional fees apply so please contact us prior to choosing the package below

  • Complete all required Competencies and 2 x Case Studies

  • Final Review of Reflective case studies and required competencies/logbook and assessments followed by Accredited Certification!

Complete Conscious Sedation For Dentists

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